Sep 30, 2011

Tiramisu' - A luxurious traditional Italian dessert

An easy and fast, but yet delicious dessert that your family and guests will for sure appreciate!
I am making a lighter version of it, substituting the mascarpone cheese with whipped cream,
but if you would like to switch it back go ahead! :) (Thanks to Luciano, who is like a brother to me, for this recipe! Grazie Luciano!)

What you will need:


4 packs of lady fingers
1 brick of heavy cream (400 gr. more or less)
2 Tbsp Kalua
5 eggs
4 Tbsp white sugar
cocoa powder

hand mixer
3 bowls
pan for Tiramisu'
coffee pot ( I use the Italian Caffettiera)

First thing to do is making coffee... it needs to cool down a little, otherwise you will burn your fingers later on...
At this point add some sugar and the Kalua to taste and mix it well.

Now you can start to create the super yummy fluffy cream.

Separate the Egg whites in one bowl, and whipped them until they hold stiff. In the second bowl mix the yolks with the sugar until you
will have nice cream. In the third bowl whipped the heavy cream with a little bit of sugar in it.
Now just add the yolks cream to the whipped cram and gently fold in the egg whites. You should get a fluffy mousse like this one :)

It's time to start crating the layers of our tiramisu'!
First of all, spread a base layer of this mousse at the bottom of the pan, then half-dip the lady fingers in the coffe and create the second layer. Yes I said half-dip them, since if you dipped the whole lady finger, your Tiramisu' is going to result soggy, and we don't really want a soggy Tiramisu'! But make sure that
each wet side touches the dry
side of the next lady finger...
Just like this...

Once you've created the lady finger layer, spread another layer of the fluffy mousse and sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of it. Repeat this process until you reach the top of your pan. :)

Your Tiramisu' will look like this

Now you can cover it with some aluminum foil and refrigerate it for 2-3 hours b
efore serving.

Buon Appetito!

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Yukari   *The Kitchen Fairy*