Oct 26, 2013

Strawberry Tiramisu

This is a delicious spin to your classic Tiramisu recipe.
In Italy we have several variations of Tiramisu and the strawberry one is definitely one of my favorites!

Here is how you make it:

500 grams of lady fingers
500 grams of strawberries
3 eggs
125 grams of sugar
250 grams of mascarpone
200 ml whipping cream

Ingredients for the strawberry syrup:
200 grams of strawberries
100 grams of sugar
300 ml of water
2 tablespoons limoncello (optional)

Begin to prepare the syrup by blending the strawberries with sugar.
Add water and lemon and put it in a saucepan and boil until it thickens, turn off and let cool.
Start now to prepare the mascarpone cream ... separate the yolks from the whites and whipping cream in a bowl .
Whip the egg yolks with the sugar, add the mascarpone.

Add the egg whites and cream previously whipped.

Gently mix the mascarpone cream and put it in the fridge.

Dip the ladyfingers in the cooled strawberry syrup and arrange them at the base of your pan. 

Pour a layer of mascarpone cream over the ladyfingers .
Cover the cream with strawberries cut into slices leaving aside 1/3 for the top decoration .

Cover with another layer of ladyfingers soaked in strawberry syrup .

Finish with a layer of mascarpone cream .
Decorate with strawberries that have kept aside and refrigerate everything for at least 3 hours.

And there you have it! Enjoy! Buon Appetito!

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Jenn said...

This sounds fabulous!

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

Thanks Jen! Let me know if you try it! Xx

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