Dec 6, 2011

Fried Pickles

Here is a southern North American recipe. Fried Pickles!

First you need to slice your pickles (I used the ones pre-sliced in the jar). Beat an egg with some milk, paprika, salt, pepper, and hot pepper. Dip the pickles in the egg batter and then coat them with some breadcrumbs. Fried them until golden brown. Place them on a paper towel sheet to drain the excess oil, sprinkle some salt on top when they are warm. Enjoy! Buon Appetito!

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La cucina di Molly said...

Buonissime!dovrebbero essere molto stuzzicanti queste polpette alla giardiniera!Ciao

Anonymous said...

wow! hanno un aspetto invitante! ;D

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

@ Molly: Grazie! Sono semplicemente dei cetriolini sott'aceto a fette, impanati e fritti :) Ciao!

@ Giulia: Grazie mille carissima! Bacio!

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Yukari *The Kitchen Fairy*

Yukari   *The Kitchen Fairy*