Dec 18, 2011

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

The other night I decided to try one a Thai restaurant by my house I heard a lot about, and I am so glad I went there!!

It really was the best fried rice I have ever had! It had Macademia nuts, bell peppers thinly sliced delicious beef, pineapples chunks, green onions and it was pretty spicy! Sooo good!!! I will definitely try to make it myself with my Wok pan! :)

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Angie's Recipes said...

Totally my type of dish! Would love it for the lunch.

melania said...

like like

Cristina Lionetti said...

Che meraviglia, quanto ne vorrei assaggiare un po'!

✿✿La prova della cuoca✿✿ said...

mi piace,una vera delizia!!!!

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

@ Angie: I know it was awesome!!!

@ Melania: Thanks so much! :)

@ Cristina: Grazie! Si era davvero una goduria!

@ La prova della cuoca: Grazie della visita! :)

Mee said...

Wow...glad to hear that you tried my country's food. I love it too. Just stop by to give you my best wishes for a very "Merry X'mas" and a Happy New Year!

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

@ Mee: Thanks for the wishes! Yes Thai food is among my favorites!!! Merry Xmas to you too and have a blessed new year! :)

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