Feb 27, 2012

Brown Rice with Peppers and Blue Cheese

Here is a quick and healthy way to prepare your next meal!


Brown Rice
Bell Peppers
Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola
Extravergin Olive oil

In a pan, bring the water to a boil and cook the rice according to the instructions. In the meantime, in another pan, sauteed the oil, onions, and peppers. Let everything cook until tender. Drain the brown rice and put it in the same pan where the peppers are. Adjust, salt, pepper, and any other spice you might like. Towards the end you can sprinkle your crumbly blue cheese or Gorgonzola on top. Enjoy! Buon Appetito!

3 Delicious Comments:

Lilli said...

le tue ricette sono sempre un'ispirazione! bravissima

Alida said...

Ottima questa ricetta. Brava! Ciao!

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

@ Lilli: Grazie mille cara! Bacioni!

@ Alida: Grazie cara! Ciao!

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Yukari *The Kitchen Fairy*

Yukari   *The Kitchen Fairy*